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Octopus Hotspot Gateway System
A hotspot ideal for hotels, restaurants, b&b's and campsites.

Wifi Hotspots
A Wi-Fi hotspot is a location where you as a guest, with your laptop, tablet or smartphone can make use of a wireless network. You may need to purchase an access code, but mostly it's a free service.

Nowadays have many offices and homes over wifi. In addition, you can encounter everywhere Wi-Fi hotspots:
• Hotels
• Campsites
• B & B's
• Bungalows
• Restaurants & Bars
• Events

Wifi access system
If you set up a Wifi hotspot on your campsite, hotel or restaurant, Wi-Fi hotspot, you can choose to offer wireless internet free or paid to your guests If you'd like to provide Internet access for a fee, you must protect your network through an access system (also known as a gateway). On your wireless network you can give your guests an easy way of access with a ticket or voucher.

A gateway (or access-control server) serves to protect your wireless signals. This box is placed for that purpose between your router and switch. For example, the gateway acts as a gatekeeper, all Internet traffic will have to pass the gateway. Thus, a particular combination of a computer with a access code access could be allowed (This is based on the MAC address of a computer).

Captive portal
A gateway also has the ability to set up a welcome page, ie captive portal. This is the very first web page that guests see when they turn on their computer and launch their Internet browser. However, without a password, they can not proceed. This page can be naturally adapted to your specific needs (name, logo, photo, welcome text, disclaimer, etc.).

Through the web-based management interface, the hotspot administrator not the concerns of managing a physical controller. Moreover, the system is plug-and-play and a welcome page (Captive Portal) is facilitated by the CloudTrax system. For example, an access page for your Wi-Fi hotspot therefore already there.

We can supply and install hotspots for you


Octopus Hotspot Gatewaysystem

  • 1 hotspot with two networks (private and business)
  • Your own login page with logos, pictures and welcome texts
  • Making all desired software settings
  • Installation hotspot
  • Traveling costs

Complete € 295,=
every extra hotspot € 165,=
prices incl. IVA

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