Wy Satellite TV
Satellite is the most reliable and efficient means available to carry TV and radio programming across the whole continent of Europe.
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There is practically no limit to the number of satellite digital TV channels that can be broadcast, and virtually the entire population is within reach of TV via satellite.
For over 20 years, the ASTRA satellite network has provided a reliable and economic service of TV, radio, and multimedia distribution to an audience across Europe far in excess of competitive services by terrestrial broadcast, cable or Internet distribution.
The broadcasters carried on ASTRA include the major commercial and national broadcasters, and private channels of all types and sizes. ASTRA satellites provide the best in SDTV, HDTV and 3DTV digital programming – it is first for service reliability and quality, unmatched for programming excellence and channel popularity.
What is
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Digital TV
Digital television to the home
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The best quality experience
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The next leap forward watching TV
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Digital Radio
Listen to hundreds of stations
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Broadband Internet
High-speed internet everywhere
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