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Welcome to Octopus Internet Services. Home of the best UK IPTV (internet TV). BBC, ITV, Channel Four and Five and many more. Watch UK TV without a satellite dish.

If you want to watch uk TV, you have come to the right place! Due to recent and ongoing changes with the astra2E satellite fleet, receiving UK free to view or freesat stations like BBC and ITV has become nearly impossible. This change effects All free-to-view stations across all dish based platforms including sky digital. To continue to receive stations via a conventional dish, it is estimated that it would need to be up to 3m in diameter, this is impossible for most domestic users. Our product is a true TV experience. No complex VPNs or tricky web based viewing. We have all your favourite British television channels included in our service and all of them are available with a full fourteen days catch-up service. No dish is required, just a simple set top box, internet connection and HDMI cable to your TV.
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